Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon was my second full marathon, but it was a little bit more special than New York because I chose to run with the American Cancer Society. It’s so sad that we live in a world where so many people have been personally affected by cancer, and I ran this race for all of the loved ones in my life that were faced with it. It was such a great experience running with ACS, and I’m already considering running with them again next year!
I did things a little differently with this blog post- instead of all of the text at the end, each picture has a caption. Thank you in advance for visiting my blog, and happy reading 🙂

The thing I love most about races is how they make you appreciate the little things in life again. Like seeing a little kid dance on the sidewalk, a group of firemen dressed up as cheerleaders, or an elderly couple crossing the finish line holding hands. These little bursts of pure happiness on streets that are usually covered in traffic and road rage, are what make the aches and pains worth it. In running and in life <3


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