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Basketball Service To Salute Johnson 7 Pistons Green Swingman Jersey Stanley

Basketball Service To Salute Johnson 7 Pistons Green Swingman Jersey Stanley

Word family (noun) acquisition (adjective) acquisitive (verb) acquire
From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacquireac‧quire /əˈkwaɪə $ əˈkwaɪr/ ●●○ W2 AWL verb [Jersey Limited Football Olive Service Salute camo Men's Jets To Anderson 11 Stitched 2017 Robbytransitive] Basketball Service To Salute Johnson 7 Pistons Green Swingman Jersey    1 formalCOLLECTGET to obtain something by buying it or being given it  Manning hoped to acquire valuable works of art as cheaply as possible.  The council acquired the land using a compulsory purchase order.see thesaurus at buy2 to get or gain something  The college acquired a reputation for very high standards.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say get rather than acquire:Where did you get that tie?He soon gotTank Limited Jason Stitched Top Service Football Men's Jersey Peters To Salute Eagles Green 71 a reputation for being unfriendly.3 LEARNto gain knowledge or learn a skill  He spent years acquiring his skills as a surgeon.  Elsie acquired a good knowledge of Chinese.see thesaurus at Basketball Service To Salute Johnson 7 Pistons Green Swingman Jersey get 4 acquire a taste for something5 an acquired taste→ See Verb tableExamples from the CorpusacquireMen's Martin Realtree 70 Stitched Football Cowboys Limited Rush Jersey Camo ZackAC Transit recently Basketball Service To Salute Johnson 7 Pistons Green Swingman Jersey acquired 70 new buses equipped with wheelchair lifts.Others acquired a harder outer membrane to later become skin-like materials.They acquired a Tucson resort in 1991 and a Hyatt hotel in Houston in 1992.He has acquired an autonomy and influence staggering even by the standards of a country where anomalies are institutionalised.Official prices were low, but you had to pay with time or bribes to actually acquire anything.The statue was acquired at great expense by the City Corporation.In 1998 the business was acquired by a Dutch company.Once slatedBlue Color Limited Lorenzo Vapor Stitched Jersey Carter Team 59 Football Untouchable Royal Men's Giants for thousands of homes, the Daley Ranch was Basketball Service To Salute Johnson 7 Pistons Green Swingman Jersey acquired by the city for $ 21 million in Baseball Cool Gold Heyward Base 22 Women's Stitched 2017 blue Program Jason Cubs Strip Jersey White.They acquired joint and exclusive occupation of the flat in consideration of periodical payments and they therefore acquired a tenancy jointly.Basketball Service To Salute Johnson 7 Pistons Green Swingman JerseyResearch helps us acquire new insight on the causes of diseases.Many inner cities have acquired reputations for violent crimeLimited Salute Service Sr Stitched Jersey Mohamed Falcons 2017 To 12 Sanu Football Olive Men's.NTN acquired the rights to broadcast game data from football games in 1987.It took him a long time to acquire the skills he needed to become a Joe Fighting Jersey College Navy Shamrock Series Irish Montana 3 Stitched Blue artist.Robinson spent $20 million to acquire the symphony hall.What concerns them is the risk that engineered plants might acquire weedy traits and escape from cultivation. From Longman Business Dictionaryacquireac‧quire /əˈkwaɪəəˈkwaɪr/ verb [transitive]Untouchable Bowl 23 Jersey Patrick Super Football Men's Bound Limited Liii White Stitched Chung Patriots Vapor1FINANCEto buy a companyThe group wants to acquire the company for $18 a share.2acquire a holding/an interest/a stakeFINANCE to buy part of a companyIt has acquired a 50% stake in a French electronics retailer.3to get something, especially something important or valuableBasketball Service To Salute Johnson 7 Pistons Green Swingman Jersey The course makes it possible for workers to acquire new skills.Stitched Top Suit Color Tank Waddle Football 87 Limited Navy Jersey Team Blue Bears Men's TomIt has recently acquired the rights to hold Formula One races in Britain.The retailer has acquired a reputation for low prices and efficient service.→ See Verb table Origin acquire (1400-1500) Old French aquerre, from Latin acquirere, from ad- to + quaerere to look for, obtain
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  • Material: 100% Recycled Polyester
  • Dri-FIT ® technology wicks away moisture
  • Classic design
  • Heat-sealed Basketball and brand logos
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric with a smooth feel
  • Connect unlocks exclusive access to your favorite athletes, teams and products on game day with digital content and special offers. Simply download and open the Connect app, then tap your smartphone on the tag at the bottom of your jersey.
  • Straight hemline
  • Twill applique graphics
  • Woven jocktag at hem
  • Machine wash
  • Officially licensed
  • Brand:

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